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"The Gears of Time Must Turn*"

*Some maintenance required
With the Eternal Clock broken, time is running out. It's your job to save the world. In Hele & Celine: Clock Winders, two characters try to take on the colossal task in a day's time. This game is best played cooperatively in a 2 player "hot seat" style.

Created in 48 hours as part of Game Jam 2016.

Game by:
Ruthie Edwards - Lead Programmer
Jacob Kreiner - Sound
Tori Sharpe - Environment Design, Object Design
Jess Soumphontphakdy- Character Design, Sound
Emma Taggart - Title Screen, Environment design, Object Design, Cutscenes
Alyssa Trop - Object Design, Cutscenes, Title screen
John Mallon - Character design, That Cricket Sound, Web-page... then when that got lost... This Page!

All Hail...All Hail...All Hail...